Our History

Nation Servers Organization is a private non-political, non-profitable organization created in 2009 to respond current need for Pakistani people in order to sustained and strengthen and promote human right culture, peace building, access to justice and good governance initiatives and tackle humanitarian crisis in south Punjab.

Nation Servers Organization started its work from grass root level at the end of 2009, Farmers Development Organization formed community groups at settlement level called as community organization (CO) on different settlements of Union Council Binda Sandila, these groups come together as a village organization (VO) at revenue village level, and then VO's unite in the form of NSO a local support Organization (LSO).

  • LSO formation date 10th May 2011.
  • Total Members:30.
  • Male:13.
  • Females:17.
  • UC:59 (Binda Sandila).
  • Total Revenue villages:09.
  • NSO Registeration:27th June 2011 Society Act, XXI of 1860.