The main themes, in which Hirrak Development Center is working in, are;

  • Governance and democracy
  • Women rights
  • Education
  • Food rights
  • Health & HIV Aids
  • Emergency
  • Human security & peace

In emergency Hirrak Development Center is working at three levels;

1. Flood response:

1: 1.a. Flood Rehabilitation work in the form of shelter 1.b. Construction of 4 children & women friendly centers are being used for women empowerment and social change on sustainable basis.1.c economic support to 400 women in the form of goats and hens.1.d supply of Kitchen garden kits to 875 women. 1.e Support in the form of small enterprise to women that will support to strengthen women organization (Teraimet sanjh) working for getting women rights.

2. Advocacy campaign:

Advocacy campaign (press conference, demonstration, dialogue, writ petition in court)for getting right of Wattan cards, (Rs 20000 compensation by Govt in the form of bank cards) agriculture compensation (seed & fertilizers) and for construction of irrigation channels destroyed by the flood and for poor people food security

Awareness about reason of flood:

We have made a large level network that is developing awareness on reason of flood That are criminal corruption in world bank funded Taunsa barrage rehabilitation and modernization project, fault in design of project and are trying to organize local people to resist in other mega projects being made without the consent of people such as Jinah barrage rehabilitation and modernization project funded by World Bank and we are also going to develop critical engagement with the world bank through peoples organization along river Indus such as Sindhoo Bachaoo Tarla(save River Indus struggle) for getting the rights